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            ABOUT US

            Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise that mainly manufactures precision bearing in Ningbo. It possesses bearing brands both ASBL and NMOS. The major products of Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd are miniature and small-size precise deep groove ball bearing with an inner diameter ranging from 3mm to 50mm. It can also provide customized bearing. The products are widely used in automobile, office automation, household appliance, electric tool, precision motor, and special type instrument, dental drill medical apparatus and sewing instruments, aerospace and war industry area.

            The company has the import and export license so that it can operate its self-produced products export independently. At present, the company' s products are sold worldwide, and mainly covering the North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia and other regions, and the export share is of 70%. The main customers are TATA, BOSCH, BROSE,CONTINENTAL. MITSUBA, NIDEC, REGAL BLOIT,VARROC ,Lucas-TVS etc.

            Bearing professionalization as core strategy, Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd carries internationalization and relative industry ls diversification in good time to strive to domestic and international advanced level in each area.

            Adhering to the business philosophy of pragmatic integrity, professionalism, collaboration and innovation, Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd devotes itself to establish famous bearing brand both in China and in the world and promote the development of bearing even machinery industry.

            Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd makes great effort to enhance staffs' healthy development, undertake social responsibility and be the outstanding company in world1 s bearing industry.

            Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd regards “technology, quality, service, responsibility" as the company spirit. Ningbo Asian Bearing Co.,Ltd is expecting to create bright future with you.

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