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            The life of precision bearing engine has been improved significantly

            Time:2020-08-20 16:33:03Hit:1163

            Aircraft engine is known as the crown of human industry. It is almost a summary of high-end technology in various disciplines of human beings. Especially, it is very difficult to develop engines with excellent performance. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the industrial strength has been significantly improved, and our military equipment has been upgraded. However, China has been in the core of many advanced equipment Of course, after modern times, because of the closed door policy of the Qing government and the long-term derailment of the world, it failed to catch up with the industrial revolution and developed countries, forming an industrial gap, and the development of technology was lagging behind.

            The weak industrial strength and the immature accumulation of aircraft related technologies are directly reflected in the products. For example, there is an obvious gap between our aeroengine and developed countries. In order to make up for this defect, China has invested a lot of manpower and physics in this field. After decades of efforts, we have also made some good achievements in the field of engine. For example, in terms of precision bearings, the speed of our self-developed precision bearings has increased by 50% compared with the previous products.

            Aviation bearing is an important part of aircraft engine. To be able to withstand the high temperature and pressure generated by high-speed engine rotation, China is a big bearing country, but not a bearing power. Because our products have been exported to all parts of the world, but they are relatively low-end products. In the field of high-end bearings, how reliable is the service life of our engine bearings There is a big gap between China's top engines and foreign top engines, which directly leads to the performance reduction of fighters equipped with self-developed engines in China.

            The general service life of foreign high-end bearings can reach more than 8 times of the calculated life, and the reliability can reach 98%, while our self-made bearings can only reach 3-5 times of the calculated life, and the reliability is only 96%. In order to solve the problems in this field, our country has set up a special project team and cooperated with several departments to develop Si3N4 ceramic hybrid bearing.

            Compared with ordinary metal bearings, this kind of bearing made of special materials has greatly improved the wear resistance and load capacity. The most direct effect is to extend the service life of the engine. The self-developed bearing in China has successfully passed the rigorous test of 40000 RPM running for five hours continuously, providing more powerful aircraft engine for our country Technical support.

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