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      Welcome to our Website

      A successful enterprise is the one that takes proper measures to ensure optimum safety of its employees. Industrial Safety Bazaar also agrees with this approach thus brings forth an exclusive assortment of Safety Products for the global industries. The wide array of our Safety Products encompasses Safety Helmets, Safari Pro Safety Shoes, Industrial Safety Kits, Concorde Safety Shoes, Action Milano Safety Shoes, Allen Cooper Safety Shoes, Safety Reflective Jackets, Liberty Warrior Safety Shoes, etc. we are one of the best Safety Shoes manufacturers and suppliers in India. Being the prime Safety Products Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier, we ensure that these products are fabricated in accreditation with ISI and ESR standards.
      Industrial Safety Bazaar is a part of Source India Shoes, India based Footwear Company, founded in 1998 in Kanpur to fulfill the demand of Military Boots, Safety Shoes, & Formal Shoes, which surged from India, Sri Lanka, & Italy. We have become pioneer in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying quality Safety Products for defense, industrial and official purposes across India & select countries in abroad. In very short time-span we have become quintessence of quality, durability and trust that enabled us to serve the clients across the spectrum & achieve exponential increase in our customer base.
      In today’s modern era where every person thinks for his safety, we at Industrial Safety Bazaar provide the clients with all the Safety Products under one roof. We are planning to provide all the necessary products to the clients through online shopping, which will ease them with faster buying process, within next few months. Moreover, we offer the clients with an opportunity to design and tailor the Safety Products, according to their needs. Read more...

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      Source India Shoes, B-2 BS Complex, Naya Bans, Sector -15 (Near Metro station Sector - 15), Sector 15, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301, India

      Mobile :
      +91-9990848912, +91-8076807316

      Email Address :